Dexter breed

Dexter cattle originated from the Celtic Ireland. It is one of the oldest
breeds in the world and one of the smallest.

The story says that Kerry cattle grazed along the southwest coast of Ireland line. Here paired themselves with sea lions and it was the first Dexter cows. Dexter cattle early history is a mixture of fact and legend.
We know that they come from Ireland namely “Emerald land of Leprechauns” .Dexter cattle originate from the so-called Celtic breed of cattle that existed in Ireland and can be traced back to the Stone Age. Back then it was the predominately black, but already in 1830 one finds the dun-colored variant pictured on the painting, and described as a Dexter / Kerry cow.


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    Dexterkoen vejer ca

    350 kg og har en idealhøjde på max 106 cm.Kvien kan kælve som 2 årig og gør det uden

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    Tyren vejer fuldvoksen ca

    600 kg med en idealhøjde på max 115 cm.

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    Kalvene er små

    ved fødslen og vejer mellem 15 og 25 kg.

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    er normalt slagteklar efter 20-21 måneder, hvor de ca. vejer 200 kg slagtet.